What to do with our mapping A.I.
a smart alternative

Predictive mapping A.I. research playground
Seamless with your inventory & system.
Personalized search & predictive suggestions.
Map your inventory with suppliers on demand.
1 - Use the search box or click around me suggestions.
2 - Zoom in & out to update lodgings & rooms.
3 - Both lodgings & rooms lists are updated live.
Playground demos
A / Predictive search:
Search for
B / Around me suggestions:
Hints matched to your search & what is around on map zoom (100 best shown)
D / Aggregated IDs:
Build a mapped ID table
matched for your search.
Strict types + duplicates.
C / Dynamic map:
zoom in/out to update
Matched / suppliers' ID table:
Matched / inventories groups - hotel level:
8 suppliers curated, grouped by similar type & name / most relevant
Matched / inventories groups- room level:
Expedia & HBG curated, grouped by similar type & name / most relevant