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group supplier id mapping
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group supplier id codes map
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Global inventory building:
Our new NLP mapping technology is a lightweight alternative for hospitality inventory creation (hotel ID + content + room type & code). Ideal for an unified B2C inventory at hotel & room level.
Inventory virtualization:
Mapping hotel ID & room types "on the fly", at search level, allows for a cache-less, maintenance-less, real time virtual inventory. Ideal for B2B to fast forward search & price optimization.
How it works:
Our NLP technology aims to be error free, with +99% coverage.
To acheive this, it scans the name & address for contexts across 23 mapped topics (chain, type, view...).
Based on the same A.I. as room-matching, we are adapting it for ID.
In this demo:
12 suppliers mapped for ID & rooms, in real time.
Data are coming from each supplier' raw inventory. Outdated for this demo purpose.
instructions for use:
1 / select the supplier to search into.
2 / use the search box & arrows to navigate.
3 / save the mapping, ID & rooms CSV tables.

Demo is with USA

We are on a mission:
To democratize hospitality inventory creation & offer a new alternative mapping service accessible to everyone.
This demo interface is a quick development UX mockup to demonstrate inventory aggregation and virtualization at search level.

Despite at early stage, The techonlogy is working well enough to find suppliers' duplicates & false positive.
The online tools will be available as a free service. The API to map masses at very low cost. Available january 2024.

Get a lifetime free access:
Are you an OTA, B2B, aggregator, bed-bank, platform, channel, inventory supplier ? Our technology is source agnostic.
Contact me to participate in our researches by providing your listing. Get a free lifetime access to our API & online tools.
This prototype focuses on steping aside duplicates & outdated names or ID from suppliers.
In such case, the supplier needs to update & better qualify his inventory.
The goal is to only retain qualified up to date IDs, without error.
Demo with USA.


Use your browser console to look at the API response.